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Let's see, where to start?  I graduated from college in 1990 from Georgia State University with a degree in Music Business.

In the early 90s I toured North America with a band that opened for Aerosmith and ZZ Top and by 1994 I had learned that the only way to make money in the music industry is if you're the song writer and your albums are selling in the millions.

So in 1995, I got into web design.  I started working for a company called amplified.com (which I named actually).  When I started, there were five people.  The company aimed to provide music for download.  You could also select songs from the catalog and we would burn you a CD with the songs you selected.  Great idea at the time.  The company grew over 7 years.  Then Apple got into it and we were all out of a job.

But if you like what you see here and need a web site, send me an email!

I'm passionate about my work and take pride in it.  I like to make beautiful websites and get people's websites found on the Internet.

Over 20 years I've gotten pretty good at it.

  • The weak ones fall, the strong carry on.

Sean's THE $&IT!

- Anonymous Client / 2015-04-01 03:29:00

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